4.4.2012 03:16

Interior Feng Shui

Often people new to the practice of Feng Shui focus on the interior, concentrating on the arrangement of rooms, the flow of energy, the way the furniture is placed and so on. Feng Shui of interiors is important but good interior Feng Shui is useless if structures in the surrounding environment are sending destructive energy towards your home. Here are few examples of potentially harmful structures outside:

Big Bridges - Houses built at either end of the bridge will usually suffer from too much yang energy causing an unsettled atmosphere and conflict between residents.

Churches, Crosses and Spires - While the cross protects the church itself, it sends harmful energy outwards. If your front door faces a cross or the spires of a church try to use another door. In addition, places of worship often have an excess of yin energy and living too close can upset the balance of energy in your home.

High Voltage Transmission Towers can cause problems with your Feng Shui. If you do live close to such towers, try planting big trees and foliage between your home and the transmission tower.

Other Buildings - the elevations and shapes of surrounding buildings could be threatening so be aware of any sharp or jagged edges pointing towards your home.

Anything Tall and Straight (Communication Towers, Chimneys, Light Polls) – Your front door should not directly face anything tall and straight. If anyhow this is the case, you should again plant trees or foliage to block out the view.

Police Station and Prisons are threatening in terms of the amount of yin energy they exude. The same applies to abandoned buildings and houses as well as graveyards and hospitals. Best not to live too close to such places. Dumps and rubbish heaps are also pretty bad.

These are just some of the structures that may affect the Feng Shui of your home. But generally, if they are far-off, they will not cause you problems.

Be sure to take care of any harmful structure sending negative energy towards your home before getting started with the interior Feng Shui.