1.4.2013 08:18

Keep Yin & Yang in balance

Most people today recognize the symbol for yin and yang, yet few understand its meaning and role in the practice of good feng shui.

In landscape feng shui the natural features of the environment are classified as yin (shadow, female) or yang (light, male). Water is yin and mountains are yang. Earth is yin and sky is yang. Yin energy is cold, very quiet and dark while yang energy is hot, vibrant, active and alive. 

So, in your home and office you must create a balance of yin and yang for too much of one or the other just doesn't work. If there is too much yin energy you may tend to feel depressed and unlucky, while too much yang could drive you crazy.

So the challenge in feng shui is to find the right balance (not a perfect balance) between yin and yang.